The Farmer’s Wife

Some days I just sit back, marvel, laugh and wonder…how the heck did I get here? I don’t ever remember being a kid and thinking – one day I want to grow up and be a farmer’s wife!

Every day is an adventure here at Widdoss Farm & Apiary. I have a full time job, but I have found being the farmer’s wife is definitely a full time job too – just without the paycheck. 🙂 I have a positive attitude 99.9% of the time and I always find the positive in every situation, but when James brought that 5th five gallon bucket of squash and zucchini in to the house a few weeks ago…oh my, I think my blank stare said enough. I told him he needed to find a new home for them. My freezer is jam packed full and it’s only the beginning of the harvest season.

As we moved finally out of squash season somehow the cucumbers took over and I canned 28 quarts of pickles. Now, I’d like to say there are only 2 of us that live here, what in the world are we going to do with 28 QUARTS of pickles?!?!? I’m trying to find the humor in this, but honestly – we will not need pickles for a LONG time! We took 4 bags of cucumbers to church Sunday and thankfully we were able to give them all away, only to take 4 more bags back Wednesday night. Thankfully we have a loving church family that deals with our quirkiness and loves the fruits of our labor.

Ok, cucumbers are done what’s next…oh it’s now tomato season. Really? Ok, you can only do so much with tomatoes, thankfully I have lots of recipes for tomato cucumber salads, but how many times can you eat that? So far this year we’ve canned 5 batches of salsa and it’s only the beginning.

Phew, is there a break in the harvest season yet? Nope! Now it’s pear season. I guess this weekend I’ll be making pear sauce, pear jelly, pear juice.

The joys of being the Farmer’s Wife!